This powerful Telegram bot is designed to give you the edge in spotting early mooners. You receive all the info you need within your telegram app.

What can you expect from ChadVision? This powerful Telegram bot is designed to give you the edge in spotting early mooners. Here’s a deep dive into what ChadVision offers and why you should subscribe: FEATURES • Comprehensive Token Info: Get all the essential details at a glance, including the logo, token name, symbol, contract address (CA), website, Twitter, and Telegram. Plus, important checks for mint status, freeze status, LP burn and dev sniped status. • Token Metrics: Stay informed with data on total max supply, launched supply, market cap and dev share. Also, know the LP USD value, supply in LP and the exact time LP was opened. • Real-time New Token Alerts: Detailed information pops up when a new token alert appears, ensuring you get the earliest updates. • Special Alerts: If a token is from PumpFun, you’ll see a special alert. INTERACTIVE BUTTONS Buy - Pastes the CA on Bonkbot for early purchases. Chart - Opens Dexscreener for instant chart access. Wait LP Burn - Checks if the LP has been burned at this moment. Mintable/Freezable Recheck - Rechecks the mint and freeze status. Check LP Inflow/Outflow - Monitors volume changes. Unique Wallets Traded (Last 3 mins) - Shows how many unique wallets have traded a token in the last 3 minutes. Why ChadVision? ChadVision tracks all data directly from Raydium, meaning it's faster than Photon. With such quick access to crucial data, you’re always a step ahead in the game. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a crypto newbie, ChadVision gives you the tools to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently. SUBSCRIPTION PRICING Weekly: 0.3 SOL Monthly: 1 SOL Yearly: 10 SOL By providing detailed, real-time information and powerful features, ChadVision ensures you never miss an opportunity. Invest smarter. Get the info you need, when you need it. Subscribe and start winning SUBSCRIBE HERE: https://t.me/ChadVision_Group_Manager_bot TG Handle: @ChadVision_Group_Manager_bot

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