Token overview

  1. Token Name: CHAD

  2. Symbol: $CHAD

  3. Chain: Solana

  4. Tax: 3% (decreasing over time)

Token Supply

Mint authority is revoked

  1. Total Supply: 420.000.000

  2. Token Burn Mechanisms: 50% from Tax is burned & ⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ is coming.

  3. Current Supply: (Check our website)

$CHAD distribution

15% team allocation

15% project development (contests, CEX listings, collabs...)

70% into the LP

$CHAD launch

We are launching very s00n. Our devs cooked some features to ensure snipers won't get control of the supply at launch. It's very important for us to keep growing organically so our CHAD community can get properly rewarded.

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