ChadRoulette is our gambling games platform, and it's our second feature rollout! With 6 engaging games currently available, users can now bet their $SOL and test their luck. Link: https://chadroulette.chadonsolana.xyz/

Why Chadroulette?

We believe in amplifying the fun for our $CHAD community. Every SOL you've earned from our ChadGPT airdrops can be wagered for a chance to win more. But that's not all - all profits from ChadRoulette are channeled directly into buying and burning more CHAD tokens. This doesn't just reduce the supply, but it also ramps up the trading volume, ensuring even more rewards for our loyal holders.

The team's all in on bringing some fresh, fun, and bullish utilities to CHAD. We're shaping up a solid ecosystem where every perk is about giving more back to CHAD holders. Everything we do is for the community, always.

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